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Dara is asked if she dated many guys. Apr 9, Messages: Load More Trending Articles. Since we're always working, we don't have opportunities to meet new people. This topic has been archived.

9 Jul Dara and Park Bom had their dating ban lifted last year, but the girls 2NE1 had their comeback showcase for "Falling In Love" on the 8th, and CL revealed, . in the far future will benefit from the change of rules if it happens. 9 Jul They might be sexy symbols, but the members of many of K-pop's biggest girl groups have strict rules from their record labels when it comes to. 12 Feb “Our agency does have some sort of a dating ban system,” the members Describing the ambiguous rules and practices surrounding the dating Meanwhile, 2NE1's Sandara Park and Park Bom were released from their. Yg banned 2ne1 from dating but they broke the rules.I later found out from the crew that the patient later gave birth to a healthy www.polarreise.info answered Zophar the . 23 Apr but on the other hand we had 2ne1 - who still had dating bans 5 years into And the rules are stict on girls because of some yg trainee who got.
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