How do u hook up the power source in ac3

Its an interlude; In this case, you need to find a power source for the Animus. Look right and take that path until you see a doorway on the right. Naked men Brazilian power-fucker Alexsander Freitas makes the petite. How long do you think it will take us to ban video games in America? The Power of the Feet. Oral-service, l hyosung dating.

That way you will stay invisible to the guards. PC Xbox Playstation 3. Keep going right along the wall until you can drop off in another hallway. Climb up the wall and once at the top go right. Once you make it to the top you will see the floor missing to the next set of steps. You can now enter the Animus or use the obtained artifact.

After obtaining the power source, the guards will start chasing you. There you will be able to climb up the wall, to the next panel. Use it to unlock the next gate. You should go there after collecting the third source - Sequence 8 - Second. Nov 4, Head up those steps and then up the next set of steps you see. Once you make it to the top you will see the floor missing to the next set of on the Once you get the second power source head back to the animus. When the lift stops, start climbing up - Sequence 10 - Third Energy Source -. When the After you manage to do it, you will reach the fifth floor where Vidic is hiding. That way you will reach the spot where Desmond will use the power source. I had trouble with this too, I believe after you connect the 1st, a door opens near the animus, go there. AC3 ending is stupid as hell PSN-{MLP}. Where to put the three power sources as Desmond in Assassin's creed 3: http:// Thought this could.
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